When I was in junior high school, living in a small town in south Texas, my brother’s friend brought his guitar to our house one day and I watched him play along with the Beatles cartoon that was on TV.  I knew immediately that I wanted to play the guitar.  So, I talked my parents into getting me one for Christmas.  It was a Silvertone guitar from Sears. I played that until I got my first "real guitar, which was a Gibson SG. Thus began my love affair with music and guitar.


That love of music and the guitar led me to the big town of Austin, Texas after I graduated from high school, where I played with a very popular rock band called Too Smooth, and ultimately to Nashville, TN where I live now and play for Trace Adkins. Both cities are well know for their music scenes.

Growing up in Austin during the 70’s, musically, was a Godsend for a guitar player.  Billy GibbonsEric JohnsonStevie Ray Vaughan, and countless other great guitar players helped shape my approach to guitar and my sound.  Moving to Nashville in the 80’s, exposed me to all of the musical riches of gospel, country, and studio recording.   


Now, I want to share my years of experience with others that have a passion for music and want to record their own songs in a professional manner, but without spending the exorbitant prices that can be expected from the studios of Austin, Nashville, L.A. or New York.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a hobbyist, I can help you write, arrange and record your songs.  I have access to some of the best studio players in the world, or we can get it done with just the two of us!

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